The 4tell Difference

Why You Should Partner with 4tell

At 4tell, we understand that you have an array of solutions to choose from for your asset management needs. As you make your decision, we’d like to share with you the key qualities that separate 4tell from its competitors:

We know real estate assessment and capital planning firsthand. Our founders started in the field doing assessments of large real estate portfolios. That experience guided them to design the perfect mobile application for gathering assessment data in the field, then provide easy-to-use tools for optimal capital planning and project tracking.

We are obsessed with data accuracy and integrity. Your capital plans are only as good as the data they are based on. Our platform ensures consistent, reliable data, providing a single source of truth so asset managers and executives can work in sync. And because the 4tell platform is a secure Microsoft Azure cloud-based solution, it’s accessible from anywhere, easy to implement and scalable. The Azure cloud is simply the best; we can’t say enough good things about it.

Your data is yours – and it’s actionable. With 4tell, you own your data. It’s there at your fingertips – in real time – so you’re always in control and up to speed. In addition to providing you with interactive dashboards, we offer sophisticated analysis, strategic planning, and compliance modules to put your data to work. No wonder our customers tell us the 4tell platform makes them feel smart!

Service is in our DNA. We’re not a hands-off software company. We began as a service provider and that mentality still drives us today. We are actively involved in every customer deployment, guiding you and your organization at every step on your asset management journey. Your success is our #1 goal.

We appreciate the value of small. We’re not a huge company – and that makes a huge difference! It enables us to provide a better customer experience and better align with you to ensure your success.

You manage more than buildings – and so does 4tell. With 4tell, you can manage all your assets – not only buildings, but also other structures, vehicle fleets, and more.

We encourage sharing. You don’t work in a vacuum – and neither should your asset management solution. You can share 4tell interactive dashboards online or though easy-to-generate PowerPoint slides. You can produce beautiful presentations in minutes. Talk about a time saver!

4tell proves how using the same platform and the same data allows everyone to work together to maximize asset value and plan for tomorrow with greater ease and accuracy.  Sounds too good to be true?  Contact us and we will show you.