Department of Interior - Indian Affairs Optimizes Extensive Portfolio

28 million

square feet of space

5,700+ buildings

optimized performance

350+ locations

across the US

Project Overview

4tell™ was selected by BIA to provide our Real Estate Portfolio Solution and Assessment Solution to support comprehensive facility condition assessments, space utilization studies, safety inspections and portfolio modeling for the bureau’s owned and leased real property assets.

The project also includes ensuring data interoperability with Maximo enterprise asset management software.

Solutions Delivered

4tell™ is conducting comprehensive facility condition and lifecycle assessments of all BIA sites, infrastructure, buildings, and systems of buildings and housing units, as well as a wide variety of other constructed assets such as roads, recreation facilities, water and power facilities, warehouses, storage facilities, garages (quarters and non-quarters) and existing building operation support systems.

Our facility assessments include recommendations for deferred maintenance of deficiencies, as well as analyses of cost of deficiency, facility condition information and lifecycle analysis for component renewal.

In addition to these assessments, we are also providing BIA with the following services:

  • Safety inspections and abatement of safety deficiencies throughout the portfolio on a cyclical and directed basis.
  • Validation of real property asset inventory data provided by the client to correct errors and omissions.
  • Portfolio modeling functions and calculations for operations and maintenance allocations across the portfolio using 4tell™.
  • Updating of AutoCAD drawings, including floor and site plans.
  • Serving as gatekeeper in the client’s internal facility system, with responsibility for evaluating new and existing backlog items that are entered by field personnel before final acceptance into the system.
  • Comprehensive space utilization analysis of 183 identified schools to determine whether the schools meet published criteria. This includes making recommendations and providing costs for remedying deficiencies.
  • Uploading deficiency details from assessments into Maximo.
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Desired Outcomes

The following are the key outcomes that we aim to deliver through our collaboration with BIA:

  • Streamline and optimize the capital planning process to maximize funding opportunities and return on investment.
  • Identify and mitigate risk associated with compliance for allowable space within school standards.
  • Deliver information and insights, including a summary of real property assets, deficiencies, replacement values, solution recommendations, cost estimates for deficiency solutions, appendices, photos and drawings.
  • Deliver a standard, consistent method of funding across the real estate portfolio.

Ultimately, we believe that our work with BIA and its use of the 4tell™ Real Estate Portfolio Solution and Assessment Solution will enable the bureau to optimize the performance of its extensive real estate portfolio.

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