Strategic Insight for State of Oregon

15 million sf

real estate portfolio

1,500+ buildings

optimized performance

statewide locations

owned and operated

Project Overview

4tell™ was selected by the State of Oregon to provide our Real Estate Portfolio Solution and Assessment Solution to support the management of its real property portfolio, and to integrate our solutions with the state’s Tririga (IWMS) platform.

The state’s entire portfolio consists of 1,500+ buildings and more than 15 million square feet; the initial phase of this project covers more than 110 buildings and 4 million square feet.

Solutions Delivered

4tell™ is collaborating with the State of Oregon on the implementation of the Real Estate Portfolio Solution to create a comprehensive and structured asset-centric database of the state’s portfolio of buildings and infrastructure across multiple agencies. As part of this process, we are using the Assessment Solution for data collection during facility condition assessments and seismic assessments.

In addition, we are also providing the state with the following services:

  • Consulting services, including planning, analysis, scenarios, reports and recommendations.
  • Technology integration related to the state’s capital investment management strategy, including reports detailing possible steps to improve efficiency. Reports and recommendations include information about resulting cost savings, FCI (facility condition index) and performance management.
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Desired Outcomes

The following are the key outcomes that we aim to deliver through our collaboration with the State of Oregon:

  • Consolidate facility assessment data across multiple business processes, agencies and data sources to facilitate analysis and maximize capital funding opportunities.
  • Design and develop interoperability functionality for key portfolio data between 4tell™ as a planning and performance management tool and various operational tools used by the state — including Tririga — to gain full functional use in real time of all state data.
  • Design and develop workflows and data presentation capabilities to support each state agency in creating and maintaining its State Facility Plans for presentation to and approval by Congressional budget committees. These plans include:
    • Space Needs Plans
    • Construction Project Plans
    • Building Maintenance Needs Plans
  • Enable the state to run detailed reports in real time on the status of its real property portfolio, projects and procurement, as well as to prioritize capital as business objectives and funding change.

Supported by the services that we are providing and the state’s ongoing use of our 4tell™ solutions, we believe that the State of Oregon will be empowered to manage its real estate portfolio with greater efficiency and strategic insight.

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