District of Columbia Gains Valuable Insights

22 million

square feet of space

600+ sites

optimized performance

$300+ million

annual portfolio spend

Project Overview

4tell™ was selected by the District of Columbia to provide and support comprehensive sustainable facility assessments, conduct energy assessments and provide asset sustainability technology for its owned and leased real estate portfolio.

This portfolio encompasses more than 22 million square feet and $300 million in annual real estate and energy expenditures.

Solutions Delivered

While the District of Columbia continues to use 4tell™ software on an ongoing basis and 4tell continues to provide assessment services, the following is an overview of the solutions we have delivered to date:

  • Implemented the 4tell™ Real Estate Portfolio Solution to streamline and support strategic capital planning, energy planning and budgeting processes; construction management; project and program development; and stakeholder reporting requirements.
  • Conducted comprehensive facility condition and lifecycle assessments of all sites, infrastructure, buildings and systems for 300 fire, police, recreation and administrative buildings.
  • Completed ASHRAE Level II energy and water assessments for 200+ buildings (fire, police, school, shelter, recreation and administration). This included detailed information such as payback period, return on investment, greenhouse gas emissions, investment cost, and energy and water consumption savings.
  • Completed comprehensive facility assessments — including condition, ADA, LEED, security, green roof, hazmat and environmental — on 120 schools and 140 municipal buildings.

Demonstrating the powerful analytical capabilities of the 4tell™ Real Estate Portfolio Solution, we worked with the District of Columbia to transform the data collected during these extensive assessments into valuable insights for strategic planning.

  • Identified and analyzed gaps in existing survey data and program compliance. Made recommendations regarding high-return energy retrofit and compliance projects as part of an optimization model.
  • Provided consulting services, including strategic capital planning, analyses, scenarios, reports and policy recommendations. Developed KPIs and benchmarking for performance management, regulatory compliance and reporting.
  • Developed a schedule of funding and reporting requirements to align with unique District of Columbia and Congressional procurement requirements for budgets and acquisition of goods and services.
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The Results

The following are some of the results achieved to date from our work with the District of Columbia:

  • Improved capital investment and lifecycle decision-making to support strategic planning.
  • Developed a strategic plan to support compliance.
  • Proposed cost reduction and avoidance opportunities across all aspects of operations.
  • Reduced energy consumption and environmental impact.
  • Supported the implementation of a consistent capital, energy and sustainability planning process that integrates information about the following types of assets: life safety components, telecommunication infrastructure, facilities audit data, security systems, energy and water consumption monitoring systems, environmental monitoring systems, occupant comfort, HVAC, lighting, and building envelope.
  • Evaluated the results and impact of using renewable energy technologies.
  • Optimized and prioritized project investment across capital, energy, water and environmental needs and objectives.
  • Developed a centralized knowledge base covering the entire real property portfolio.
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