Effective Plug-and-Play Connectivity for Capital Asset Data

Bring together all data needed to optimize performance for your organization.

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Share data with legacy applications, point solutions and standalone data-silos.


Don’t rely on outdated manual processes and spreadsheets to manipulate and compile raw data from various systems. 4tell™’s Connectivity Solutions interface with external and enterprise technologies, making it simple to exchange relevant data with other systems, apps and databases.

Product features include:

  • Pre-packaged integrations for most industry standard point solutions
  • Two-way inbound and outbound integrations for real-time data exchange
  • Web service APIs that map inbound & outbound data
  • Customizable SSIS &web interfaces for specific needs
  • Business intelligence tools & advanced analytics

Key Benefits

  • Data flow between tactical, operational, planning and strategic processes & applications
  • Creation of a single central repository accessible by all stakeholders
  • Standardized data for business continuity across all work flows and processes
  • Insights into the true value and costs of your capital assets

Organizations need one version of the truth, not disparate sets of static data spread across numerous systems. 4tell™’s Connectivity Solutions consolidates this data seamlessly. Contact us to learn more.