4tell Platform

A Tool for the Real World

Revolutionize how capital asset data is captured, maintained and used with the 4tell™ Platform.

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The central repository for all capital asset data

4tell Platform

Scenarios and circumstances change constantly. With the 4tell™ Platform, customers can access insight-driven charts and predictive analytics, giving them access to real-time data to make informed decisions.

These charts can be used in a number of different ways: from client presentations and funding applications; to forecasting and on-site assessments.

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Sample KPI’s

  • Asset-centric KPIs on demand, including
  • Total capital need by system and priority
  • Total capital need by plan type
  • Facility Condition Index (FCI) over study period
  • Expenditure forecast over study period
  • Cumulative FCI over study period
  • Total capital need by category
  • Current year top and poor performers
  • FCI by building
  • FCI by multiple building

Viewing thousands of data points across your entire portfolio has never been easier. Upgrade your capital investment strategy with the 4tell™ Platform. Contact us to learn more.