Condominium Reserve Fund

Reserve Fund planning doesn’t have to be painful

With 4tell™ you get an intuitive user experience, embedded standard practices and “what if” scenarios – you will never hand-calculate and assemble a report again!

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Condominium Reserve Fund

Condominium Corporations in Ontario are required by Condominium Act, 1998 and Ontario Regulation 48/01 to have a qualified professional prepare a Reserve Fund Study every three years. British Columbia (known as “Strata Corporations”), Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland have similar mandates that are governed by their own provincial legislation.

The 4tell software meets this requirement and creates these reports for you quickly.  With a focus on good asset stewardship, the Canadian Public Sector has similar principals in mind by preparing Capital Reserve Fund Forecasts to better understand and budget for capital expenditures.

US Condominium and HOA’s have similar requirements with specific Civil Codes per state.  The 4tell solution provides the necessary calculations and reporting to meet state-specific requirements.

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Key Benefits

  • User friendly and easy to understand financial reporting
  • Baseline Cash Flow Table report outputs that include the Status Quo plus 3 Scenarios that are typical to best practice recommendations
  • One-click easy exportable to Excel and PowerPoint
  • Prepare additional endless financial funding scenarios at your leisure
  • Meets industry standards and best practices
  • Includes typical theoretical reserve benchmarking analytics and what if scenarios
  • Utilize on single buildings or large portfolio buildings, regardless of building size and asset type
  • More cost efficient - save time with onsite data collection and standardizes reporting

Viewing thousands of data points across your entire portfolio has never been easier. Upgrade your capital investment strategy with the 4tell™ Platform. Contact us to learn more.