University System of New Hampshire

The University System of New Hampshire (USNH) is the largest provider of postsecondary education in the State of New Hampshire with 32,000 students enrolled at six campuses across the state, including the flagship University of New Hampshire. Without a solution to record, report and analyze property data, the system had difficulty prioritizing capital and deferred maintenance projects and gaining project support from stakeholders.

Learn how 4tell enabled USNH to establish an accurate database of assets, access insights to guide decision-making, and use dynamic prioritization to align projects with strategic goals.

“Look, there’s a big difference between understanding how to serve the needs of faculty and student population and the commercial real estate market. 4tell offered what we were looking for: a central repository for our information, easy access to our capital asset information and an interactive way to work with our data for reporting, planning, and maintaining our capital assets. It’s exceeded our expectations. We’re committed to its future use and think universities of all sizes and types would benefit from using the 4tell solution.”

Matt Purcell, Director of Planning & Development, University Systems of New Hampshire

Upon completion of an initial FCA, USNH had established a baseline of their buildings and associated maintenance status. This data was quickly and easily integrated into the 4tell software. USNH now has an accurate and dynamic database that can be updated as buildings are added and projects completed.