Americans with Disabilities Act Assessment Module Product Sheet

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Mitigate Risk & Drive Efficiency
with Guided ADA Assessment Surveys

4tell™’s ADA Assessment Module is an automated ADA survey tool:

  • Identify and rectify compliance issues in your property portfolio
  • Efficient, industry standard solution to understand your ADA liability
  • Mitigate risk, avoid fines, bad press, and lawsuits
  • Create quantifiable action plans for compliance and reporting
  • Streamline the process in a data centric, process driven, trackable and auditable way
  • Since 1997 over $1.4 billion in fines have been paid as a result of ADA noncompliance

Key Benefits

  • Title II requirements for State and Local Governments
  • Title III requirements for Places of Public Accommodation
  • Industry standard ADA checklist for existing facilities
  • Covers all priorities, including Approach & Entrance, Access to Goods & Services, Bathrooms and Additional Access
  • Flexible process supports both field and/or interview based data capture
  • Analyze risk by identifying issues and developing remediation plan
  • Creates prioritized action plan with costing

4tell’s™ ADA Assessment Module Provides:

  • Field data collection app for consistent and accurate data capture
  • ADA guided templates and visual aids
  • Real-time QA/QC
  • Corrective action recommendations
  • Costed and prioritized action plan