4tell Case Study – U.S. Dept. of Interior, Indian Affairs

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The U.S. Department of Interior, Indian Affairs (“IA”) has been a client of 4tell™ since 2011 and has deployed 4tell™’s Real Estate Portfolio and Assessment Solutions across their national real property portfolio – consisting of 3,500+ buildings with 23+ million square feet of space – to drive the development of capital investment strategies and annual operations and maintenance budget requirements, as well as to meet extensive governmental compliance and regulatory reporting mandates.

  • Asset management through comprehensive assessment and space utilization programs
  • Operations and maintenance budget development leveraging portfolio modeling
  • Risk mitigation process for safety inspections and abatement programs
  • Central knowledge repository for data management and interoperability with Federal systems
  • Transparency and accountability for financial project costing, funding requests and prioritization

Challenge: IA operates in a very distributed environment – both geographically disbursed and compartmentally organized. The ability for the Branch of Operations and Management to collect and maintain complete, accurate and current data regarding the assets under its control is paramount in order to be effective in their role and executing their function. Traditionally, the collection and analysis of this information has been addressed through labor intensive manual service delivery processes with collected data then entered into homegrown legacy systems. This process created inconsistent information that was not maintained in current state across multiple data silos and each “data call” became a fire drill to meet the request for defensible information.

Solution: As the system of engagement for a variety of critical real property programs, the 4tell™ technology platform now maintains complete, accurate and current information about all sites, buildings, assets and infrastructure on a portfolio-wide basis for IA. The platform also exchanges information with Maximo and FBMS for data interoperability needs. By transforming historic service-based delivery to a technology-enabled solution delivery platform, the needed data is now simply a derivative result of the work flow process.

The 4tell™ Portfolio Solution delivers all financial modeling and program reporting and analysis, while 4tell™’s Assessment Solution supports all data capture, QA/QC, lifecycle analysis, capital investment and compliance requirements.