4tell™ Platform Product Sheet

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Capital Asset Performance Software
SaaS platform that optimizes performance
through shared intelligence

4tell™ provides an enterprise SaaS platform and software that create, capture and compile financial, energy, environmental and social data for visibility to align operational costs with business strategy.

  • Data driven technology to unlock the true potential of real estate portfolios to drive down both the immediate and longer term costs of asset ownership.
  • Allows for the capture of critical data elements across entire asset portfolios.
  • Strategic plans can then be developed to align with an organization’s economic, energy, environmental, social and sustainability goals and objectives.
  • These elements form key inputs to the analysis necessary to create usable knowledge, drive down costs and build real, measurable business value by enabling informed business decisions for effective planning and execution of capital investment strategies.

Key Benefits

  • Industry Standards & Best Practices
  • Proven Economic, Lifecycle, Engineering & Analysis Models
  • Reduce Operating & Procurement Costs
  • Develop Prioritized Capital Investment Strategies
  • Improve Key Operational Business Processes
  • Increase Energy Efficiency
  • Enhance Environmental Performance
  • Mitigate Risk

4tell™ Platform

  • Implement full life-cycle sustainable performance management
  • Create comprehensive, centralized data repository & enterprise knowledge base
  • Capture asset centric data through proven methodology, tools & processes
  • Interoperability connects data from enterprise, legacy & point solution applications
  • Real time adaption to changing priorities, scenarios & evolving conditions
  • Prioritize, direct & deploy targeted, model driven financial resources
  • Enable strategic decisions while fostering stewardship and accountability