4tell Case Study – Faithful+Gould

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Faithful+Gould Delivers Gold Standard
Facility Intelligence by Utilizing 4tell™ Software

Looking Back

Faithful+Gould is one of the world’s leading integrated project and program management consultancies delivering facility condition assessment (FCA) services across the Americas. The firm delivers constructive expertise through its ability to integrate its core services to meet clients’ business needs.

FCA has been a primary service line for Faithful+Gould for more than 60 years. Over the last five years, the firm has successfully performed an average of 900 building assessments each year. That’s a total of more than 4,000 buildings and four billion square feet of assessed facilities for municipal, state and government agencies.

In the early days of FCA services, the standard for most AEC firms was to transpose the written information and photographs from the field into a Word or Excel spreadsheet. Faithful+Gould was no exception, until 2009, when a mutual partner introduced the firm to 4tell™ Solutions.

Working Together

The 4tell™ software is a technology platform that helps create, capture and compile financial, energy, environmental and social data to align operational costs with business strategy. Since the start of this partnership with 4tell™, Faithful+Gould has been able to utilize the program both in its internal operations and to improve external operations with clients. Internally, the tools provided by the 4tell™ software have enabled the team to work efficiently, to scale and with a consistent quality of work delivery. In Faithful+Gould’s Phoenix office, 80% of the Strategic Facility Consulting (SFC) team works with 4tell™, only opting for a different software in cases of a specific client request. The software’s popularity among the team can be linked to several functions, including the quality assurance (QA) features, which provide one-click reporting and in-front-of-asset data collection, allowing the team to be certain that the scope of the assessment has been met prior to leaving the site.

Some clients who have benefited from the Capital Strategy Solutions software are the State of Utah, State of Oregon and Salt Lake County, all of which are large and complex projects. In the case of the State of Utah, it has utilized the assessment and portfolio solutions for eight years, including through a re-contract situation after the sixth year.

Additional 4tell™ products being used for clients include the ASHRAE Level 1 Energy ECM, seismic rapid visual screening, preventative maintenance planning, space utilization, strategic facility consulting and real estate planning services.

However, like any partnership, there are mutual benefits. Faithful+Gould has been able to provide valuable feedback, influencing key enhancements to 4tell™ assessment tools. Faithful+Gould has stayed in the forefront of technological advancements through the introduction and use of smart phones and tablets on project sites, which 4tell™ has not only supported, but helped to enable.

The Results

Today, Faithful+Gould seeks to provide clients with the ‘Gold Standard’ of facilities intelligence by striving to remain on the cutting edge of industry developments, while adding value for clients. The use of the 4tell™ software has enabled the Faithful+Gould team to maintain its quality service delivery while embracing technology on project pricing, surpassing competitors who are delivering less detail. In this way, Faithful+Gould has been able to stay relevant with clients through the shared use of common technology. Portfolio owners know that they are working with teams who are not only subject matter experts of FCA services, but are also expert users of the available technological tools. For portfolio owners, this translates to higher value for less money spent.

By using the 4tell™ software, the State of Utah was able to give Faithful+Gould an excellent reference, subsequently leading to a contract with the State of Oregon. As a result of the work provided for both states, Faithful+Gould continues to expand its services with cities in California, the largest being the City of Long Beach.