EMG leverages 4tell to cut assessment delivery time in half

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EMG and 4tell™ Solutions Partner
to Deliver Superior Client Outcomes

Looking Back

With a team of over 500 professionals and projects completed across all 50 states, EMG is working to become the largest provider of technical assessments in America.

Since 1986, EMG’s team of environmental consultants, architects, engineers and project managers has provided thousands of clients with engineering and environmental assessments, capital planning services, and program and project management.

EMG has always embraced best-in-class processes and technologies. It is this focus on leveraging technological solutions to deliver superior service that led EMG to adopt 4tell™ Solutions software.

“As we participated in the assessment market, we ran across 4tell™. It didn’t take long for us to reach the conclusion that 4tell™ has one of the industry’s leading solutions for capital planning and capital investment strategy,” says Nestor Benavides, president of EMG.

EMG started working with 4tell™ in 2011, kickstarting a long-term partnership that has contributed to the growth and success of both companies.

Working Together

Combining assets

From the start, the partnership between EMG and 4tell™ has been a natural fit. By pairing EMG’s field intelligence expertise with the powerful 4tell™ platform, clients have benefited from timely access to accurate data and key insights to support their decision-making.

“We’ve worked with several other platform providers over the years, but with 4tell™ it’s been a complementary relationship. EMG has received some contracts where 4tell™ has been the lead and brought us on as the field force,” explains Matthew Munter, principal, executive VP of sales of EMG.

EMG’s work with the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) provides a clear illustration of how working with 4tell™ has led to better outcomes. When they first undertook a major assessment project collecting data on public and subsidized housing across Massachusetts, the EMG team faced significant challenges in reconciling data in the field with what it knew about the properties from existing reports.

Fast forward to 2014, EMG was conducting similar work for the Massachusetts DHCD, but this time using 4tell™’s software. The EMG team was able to download existing data into the 4tell™ platform and reconcile field observations directly with this data while conducting field assessments. Thanks to this approach, no revisits were required. “This was a real before-and-after example of how the 4tell™ systems could enhance our work,” says Benavides.

Enhanced relationships

Indeed, EMG’s partnership with 4tell™ has played a critical role in enabling some strategic wins for the company. One example is the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA), which manages 40,000 units of public housing. CHA needed a service provider to go into every single apartment and collect about 100 data points.

“A project of this scale doesn’t work out well using Excel or paper checklists. However, with our team using 4tell™ software to collect data in the field, analyze it back in the office and produce reports for the client, this massive project was a success,” says Munter.

The synergy between EMG and 4tell™ has allowed both organizations to provide added value when working together to serve clients. Teaming up on a project for PSEG—the electric utility for New Jersey and Long Island—EMG and 4tell™ were able to provide the client with in-depth assessment services. This entailed not only assessing the condition of assets, but also involvement in the naming of assets, collecting of model serial numbers, and re-tagging and barcoding of equipment.

The detailed assessment work and the capturing of all data in 4tell™’s software allow EMG and 4tell™ to maintain a healthy relationship with PSEG, leading to recurring work such as annual updates and reassessments.

“4tell™ provides EMG with a true value differentiator as our clients strive to achieve cost savings, enhanced asset performance and improved energy efficiency. 4tell™’s Assessment Solution also automates our business processes to improve quality and dramatically reduce delivery costs,” says Benavides.

“I’m proudest of our growth, both in terms of our ability to serve our clients with more of their needs and the way in which we’ve created opportunities for the people who are part of EMG,” he adds. “Our firm has grown by over $60 million in the past four years by offering a broader range of services and supporting our clients in new ways. Both our clients and employees have benefited from this growth.”

The Results

EMG has seen significant improvements in terms of productivity and efficiency through its use of 4tell™ software. For example, EMG teams can often turn around deliverables in 1–2 days of office time using 4tell™ versus 3–6 days when using another solution.

With several productive years of collaboration already behind them, EMG and 4tell™ continue to look with great optimism to the opportunities that lie ahead, particularly as their clients come out ahead with superior outcomes.

The Massachusetts DHCD was extremely happy with the work carried out by EMG and the results generated from using the 4tell™ platform. In Chicago, the CHA was similarly impressed with EMG’s ability to survey 30,000 units in three months, which was made possible by the use of 4tell™ software.

Meanwhile, PSEG is impressed with the data that EMG and 4tell™ have collected to date—including the high level of detail and photos of each asset—as well as the ability to interface 4tell™ with other software platforms.

Ultimately, it is satisfied clients like these and countless others that reinforce the value that both EMG and 4tell™ reap from pairing their deep expertise with a commitment to shared objectives.