4tell Case Study – District of Columbia

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The District of Columbia (“DC”) has been a client of 4tell™ since 2009 and has deployed 4tell™’s Real Estate Portfolio and Assessment Solutions to enhance data management for the development of effective capital and asset lifecycle investment strategies.

  • Over 900 sites with more than 22 million square feet of space
  • $300+ million annual spend for capital improvements and energy costs
  • Encompasses all sites, buildings and infrastructure across all asset types
  • Standard data capture tools and processes with defined asset data models
  • Increased transparency, accountability and collaboration through shared data
  • Transform data into valuable insights for strategic capital investment planning

Challenge: Past business practices and procurement methods resulted in the delivery of services in static information through hard copy reports and unstructured and/or silo data. Duplicate portfolio and asset information was being maintained across multiple agencies to meet their own respective business requirements, but were not designed to be consistent for aggregation and reporting across departments or business processes. Analysis and reporting was limited to a specific building, system, function or workflow and any comprehensive analysis required volumes of manual data entry and extensive compilation from various isolated data sources – it was both labor and time intensive.

Solution: The 4tell™ technology platform has been implemented to serve as the primary “system of engagement” for all touch points to DC’s assets across their portfolio. As the central data repository, all asset information is maintained accurate and current on a real-time basis and then shared across multiple agencies, departments, staff, stakeholders and systems as needed.

The 4tell™ Portfolio Solution provides DC full visibility, transparency and accountability into all capital, human and natural resource needs across its portfolio and prioritizes these requirements to align with current business objectives. This includes the incorporation of all financial, energy, environmental and social aspects, as well as mandated compliance and regulatory factors to develop effective capital investment strategies and project plans.

4tell™’s Assessment Solution provides DC with the tools to complete, with both external and internal resources, comprehensive facility condition and life-cycle assessments of all sites, infrastructure, buildings, systems and assets across the District. Additionally, DC performs energy and water assessments and completes ADA, LEED, security, green roof, hazardous material and environmental compliance audits and reports.