With Explore Analytics you have a workspace to customize and build visually compelling stories

Providing flexible analytics tailored for client requirements that enables clients to be self sufficient

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Answer these questions about your Portfolio in just a few clicks


• How many buildings do I have and what is the total square footage?

• What are the top 5 most expensive issues that need to be addressed in my portfolio?

• Show the total square footage for all buildings in Anytown?

• Which buildings cost more to maintain than to replace?

• What are my portfolio demographics? Typical age? Largest classification?

• What’s the cost differential between lifecycle replacement and major repairs?

Key Benefits

  • Cloud based analytics workspace
  • Automate delivery of executive dashboards and reports.
  • 4tell provided queries and hypercube for quick report development.
  • Ability to generate a PowerPoint report in one click, of an entire analytic deck.
  • Ability to bookmark and share bookmarked "view " (Pre-filtered, pre-drilled)
  • Consulting for Analytic training, custom analytics and reports included in annual package
  • Named and read only licenses included in package

Powerful Analytics turn data into valuable insight. Contact us to discover how you can optimize your capital investments across your portfolios.