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Capital Strategy Software

Part of 4tell™’s Strategic Planning Solutions, the Capital Strategy module gives you the insight and information you need to make smarter, data-driven investment decisions about your capital assets across your portfolio.

Effective strategic planning relies on understanding your organization’s financial, energy, environmental, social and sustainability business goals. Our powerful data capture and forecasting tools can help you create well-defined capital strategies that’ll ensure you reach these objectives, manage performance, and better understand how decisions made today will impact your portfolio in the future.

Product features include:

  • Capital Planning and Analysis
  • Adjustable Planning Horizon
  • Prioritization Models with Adjustable Factors
  • Configurable Project & Plan Types
  • Industry Cost Library with City Cost Index
  • Project Planning & Budgeting
  • Project Tracking & Closeout
  • Document Repository
  • Capital Investment Strategy Reporting
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Comprehensive data, powerful insights

Our clients are responsible for more than 100,000 buildings, with a combined asset value exceeding $150 billion. 4tell™’s Capital Strategy module gives them access to detailed portfolio records, allowing them to transparently demonstrate to stakeholders how the strategic decisions they’re making ensure the best use of capital to drive peak performance.

Overall, the Capital Strategy module can empower asset managers—enabling them to improve forecasting and prioritization—as well as boost operational efficiencies, mitigate risk, improve asset lifecycle performance and financial results.

Powerful Capital Strategy analytics turn data into valuable insight. Contact us to discover how you can optimize your capital investments across your portfolios.

Read how the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs teamed up with 4tell to make data sing.
“4tell possesses excellent technical knowledge and expertise in all areas of asset management and assessment. Their ability for immediate resolution of unexpected situations and positive, productive reaction to changing conditions is worthy of recognition. The individual abilities of personnel assigned to our contract ensured that deliverables and timelines were met or exceeded and the quality of 4tell’s work was beyond expectations and requirements.”
Dale Keel Chief, U. S. Department of the Interior, Indian Affairs