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Standardize your Facility Condition Assessments, from data collection to report generation.

Facility Condition Assessment Software

Designed to drive efficiency within companies in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sector, 4tell™’s Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) Software is a powerful tool that can reduce the cost of facility condition assessment services and report deliverables by 65%.

4tell™’s Facility Condition Assessment Software replaces traditional handwritten notes and static, error-filled spreadsheets with mobile devices that provide a guided workflow and real-time data capture. This technology-enabled solution saves time and enhances consistency and quality while reducing frustration and the need to redo work.

Other capabilities and features include:

  • One-click executive reports with narrative
  • Up-to-date lifecycle, cost and classification standards
  • Photos linked directly to assets
  • Field validation for required data
  • Bar coding and tagging
  • GPS coordinates
  • Automatic data quality analysis and prioritization of findings
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The demand for Facility Condition Assessments (FCAs) is increasing, and so are clients’ expectations. Keep up with the industry by upgrading your software to deliver more value.

With 4tell™, you’ll get the numbers you need, fast. That means you’ll have more time to focus on analysis, meaningful data sets, and bringing in new business. Your organization will stand out as a trusted partner who helps clients know what to expect and build better long-term capital investment strategies.

Have confidence in your results—every time. Discover how 4tell™’s Facility Condition Assessment Software can set you apart. Contact us to learn more.

Read how EMG teamed up with 4tell™ to make data sing.
“Over the past few years, our relationship with 4tell has become an important part of our growth strategy. The industry is evolving with the realization that comprehensive & accessible data that can be analyzed and maintained is essential to effective facilities and capital planning. 4tell delivers a robust capital planning data base for our clients, but most importantly delivers rich and valuable industry & technical knowledge to develop great strategy and intelligent planning and execution. The team at 4tell has become part of our team. They are passionate about their product, about the industry and about seeing our partnership and our businesses grow and succeed. EMG has been on an exciting growth path in the Asset Management Division growing over 70% per year for the past several years, and we could not have done it without our partners at 4tell.”
Nestor Benavides President, EMG