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Accessibility Assessment Software

In 2016, businesses in the United States paid out a total of $131 million as a result of accessibility noncompliance.

Accessibility compliance is not a choice—and the risk of legal action for non-compliance is all too real. Also real is the fact that most buildings constructed prior to 2000 will have compliance issues that must be prioritized and addressed. 4tell™’s Accessibility Assessment Software is an automated survey tool that helps you identify and rectify Compliance issues in your property portfolio. That helps your organization avoid bad press and lawsuits. It’s the only accessibility compliance software on the market that not only identifies any issues, but also provides detailed recommendations and pricing for fixes.

The traditional method of using a clipboard and a paper checklist is inefficient and unreliable. 4tell™’s software combines the Accessibility Checklist for Existing Facilities with an automated workflow methodology to give you validated audit results to support compliance-focused planning. Robust, scalable and cost-effective, this software solution tackles your accessibility risks head-on better, faster, and with better value. And best of all, you can create compliance plans, identify program funding and track your compliance progress on-line.

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Since 1997, businesses in the United States have paid out over $1.4 billion as a result of accessibility noncompliance.

When the stakes are this high, compliance can’t wait. Discover how 4tell™’s Accessibility Assessment Software can protect your organization.

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“4tell possesses excellent technical knowledge and expertise in all areas of asset management and assessment. Their ability for immediate resolution of unexpected situations and positive, productive reaction to changing conditions is worthy of recognition. The individual abilities of personnel assigned to our contract ensured that deliverables and timelines were met or exceeded and the quality of 4tell’s work was beyond expectations and requirements.”
Dale Keel Chief, U. S. Department of the Interior, Indian Affairs