Bureau of Indian Affairs Selects 4tell

Portland, ME, Washington, DC and Toronto, ON – February 21, 2014 – 4tell Solutions, LP (“4tell”), is pleased to announce that the U.S. Department of Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs (“BIA”) continues to cultivate its partnership with 4tell through its U.S. General Service Administration Schedule 03FAC Contract. Through this contract, 4tell provides BIA with comprehensive technology-enabled assessment solutions – which include portfolio-wide condition and lifecycle assessments, comprehensive inventory validation services, evaluation of capital funding requirements and, most recently, was expanded to include workplace safety reviews and abatement validations. 4tell delivers its solutions across BIA’s 27+ million square feet of owned and leased real estate assets comprised of 5,700+ buildings in more than 350 locations nationwide.

BIA is taking a leadership role in its approach to capital asset management. Using 4tell’s iPlan™ Real Estate Portfolio Solution, BIA automates its workflow and leverages the data intelligence captured across its portfolio to identify and prioritize projects and funding requirements to develop actionable capital investment strategies. This enables BIA to determine its annual capital funding budget needs for its real property portfolio and provides BIA the ability to develop, defend and justify its federal funding requirements necessary to meet its business objectives. As a result, as projects are executed, risk is mitigated, lifecycle and efficiency improved, performance optimized and bottom line results realized.

“4tell values our partnership with the Bureau of Indian Affairs,” said Julia MacMillan, CMO of 4tell, “our collaborative approach creates the ability to combine technology-enabled assessment processes with BIA’s evolving business needs together into an integrated process that delivers structured, actionable, optimized information for BIA. 4tell helps BIA effectively manage its capital investment process through our iPlan™ technology platform and we look forward to driving even greater performance results and to helping BIA to achieve its near and long-term goals.”

About 4tell Solutions, LP – 4tell is a leading provider of platform technology solutions that optimize the financial, energy and environmental performance of the Built Environment. 4tell’s iPlan™ (patent pending) Platform enables clients to manage, forecast and optimize all aspects of their portfolio assets – throughout their entire lifecycle – to reduce costs and improve ROI and bottom-line results. To learn more about 4tell, please visit www.4tellsolutions.com.