Powerful New Facility Condition Assessment Software

4tell Solutions, LP (4tell), a leading provider of real estate performance solutions, is pleased to announce its Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) Software. This software is engineered specifically to meet the needs of AEC firms, combining powerful tools, mobile technology and a guided approach to support efficient and accurate data gathering and reporting.

Using 4tell’s Facility Condition Assessment Software, assessors, building inspectors, architects and other AEC professionals can trade in their paper notepads and spreadsheets for an intuitive tool that is adaptable to their firm’s workflow and client requirements. Using handheld devices, they can efficiently gather data, monitor inventory, assign barcode labels and automatically capture GPS coordinates during site inspections. Given the integrated nature of the software, this data can then be used directly to estimate costs, determine lifecycle values, perform data quality analysis and generate executive reports for clients with the push of a button.

Ultimately, 4tell’s FCA Software saves a great deal of time, enhances consistency and quality, and reduces frustration and rework. “Our AEC clients who provide assessment services are experiencing up to a 65% savings in their cost to deliver services to their customers,” says Jim Kavanagh, CEO of 4tell. “The 4tell platform delivers a significant return on investment and provides a strong competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

Discover more about how 4tell’s Facility Condition Assessment Software can help AEC professionals boost efficiency, accuracy and profitability.

About 4tell Solutions, LP

4tell is Real Estate Performance Software. 4tell develops technology that optimizes the financial, energy, environmental, security and social performance of real estate portfolios and infrastructure assets. 4tell’s solutions enable real estate industry professionals to collaborate through shared intelligence and develop capital investment strategies that align with business objectives, ultimately facilitating the most efficient use of available capital and resources. For more information, visit www.4tellsolutions.com.