4tell’s Michael Hardy Named ALN Senior Fellow

Washington, DC and Portland, ME – March 27, 2018 – 4tell Solutions, the leading provider of Capital Asset Performance Software, today announced Michael Hardy, 4tell’s Director of Government Solutions, has been named a Senior Fellow of the Asset Leadership Network.

Asset Leadership Network (ALN) Senior Fellows are active participants in ALN’s policy and research agenda, contribute to events, publish papers, engage in outreach with legislative policy makers, and generate news media in support of the broader Asset Management community.

Mr. Hardy will focus his efforts on State and Local Government to evangelize the benefits of leading industry asset management programs and frameworks to serve as an introduction for governments use of asset management to make the wealth they have in assets deliver more value to constituents.

Jim Dieter, Executive Director of Asset Leadership Network, stated “Michael’s insight, acumen, and sound business sense, have made a significant difference in the ALN programs and projects where he has been involved.  The ALN welcomes the opportunity to expand this relationship with Michael for the benefit of state and local governments seeking to improve their asset management practices.”

About Asset Leadership Network

The Asset Leadership Network (ALN) is a non-profit organization that provides guidance and insight into asset management to help organizations realize greater value from their assets. The ALN focuses on promoting the universal guiding principles that impact the management and value realization of assets and develops and shares information that enhances the practice of Asset Management along with the knowledge and skills of individual Asset Managers. For more information, visit www.assetleadership.net.

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4tell’s Capital Asset Performance Software optimizes the financial, energy, environmental, security and social performance of real property portfolios and capital asset infrastructure. 4tell’s platform enables industry professionals, consultants and service providers to collaborate through shared intelligence and develop capital investment strategies that align with business goals and objectives, ultimately facilitating the most efficient use of all available capital and natural resources. For more information, visit www.4tellsolutions.com.


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