4tell Launches Industry-Leading Asset Lifecycle Platform

Portland, ME, US and Toronto, ON, CA

4tell Solutions, the leading provider of Capital Asset Performance Software, is pleased to announce the release of its  4tell platform, a platform designed to deliver industry professionals complete visibility and real-time insight in every aspect of the current and future performance of capital assets across any type of portfolio

The ALP serves as the foundation for several specific solutions.  Assessment Solutions, which include the Facility Condition Assessment and Americans With Disabilities Act modules, standardize data collection for analysis and compliance; Strategic Planning Solutions include the Capital Investment Strategy module, empowering asset managers with the ability to improve operations, forecasting and prioritization; and the Connectivity Solutions module allows 4tell to share data quickly and seamlessly across various systems.

With the added benefit of 4tell Analytics, customers can access insight-driven charts and graphs. These visuals can be used in a number of different ways: from client presentations and funding applications; to forecasting and on-site assessments.

This combination of analytics and actionable insight makes the ALP ideal for scenario planning, as Jim Kavanagh, CEO, 4tell, explains. “Circumstances change constantly. While a capital plan is typically based on a snapshot in time, it really needs to adapt to changing conditions as you operate your portfolio throughout the year. Previously it was near impossible to get at this kind of information in an organized fashion. Our aim is to give customers a simplified view of their entire portfolio without compromising the depth of the insight they need.”

Currently, no other technology stack provides a complete single solution for real-estate capital investment strategies like this.

For more information on the 4tell platform, contact 4tell to book a demonstration.

About 4tell Solutions, LP

4tell’s Capital Asset Performance Software optimizes the financial, energy, environmental, security and social performance of real estate portfolios and capital asset infrastructure. 4tell’s solutions enable real estate industry professionals to collaborate through shared intelligence and develop capital investment strategies that align with business objectives, ultimately facilitating the most efficient use of available capital and resources. For more information, visit www.4tellsolutions.com.