Department of Interior – Indian Affairs Expands Partnership with 4tell

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4tell Solutions, LP (4tell), a leading provider of real estate portfolio asset optimization solutions, is pleased to announce that the U.S. Department of Interior – Indian Affairs expanded and extended its long-standing partnership.  4tell provides its Portfolio and Assessment Solutions to Indian Affairs for portfolio-wide asset condition assessments and inventory validation, as well delivery of its Operations & Maintenance funding model and ongoing Safety Inspection and Abatement requirements.

Indian Affairs is an industry leader in its management of their real estate and infrastructure portfolio.  Using an asset-centric data strategy, Indian Affairs is prioritizing and aligning its capital and operational needs with its business goals.  Focusing on short and long term capital investment strategies, coupled with compliance, risk mitigation and cost savings, Indian Affairs is realizing significant benefits from 4tell’s approach to mobile deployment, data standardization, and portfolio analysis and reporting capabilities.

“We are very committed to our partnership with Indian Affairs. By implementing solutions that facilitate shared, actionable intelligence, Indian Affairs maximizes their capital investment and deployment strategies and budget processes,” says Julia MacMillan, CMO of 4tell.  “We work closely with Indian Affairs to optimize portfolio and asset performance and sustainability.  It is rewarding to identify, execute and realize the opportunities for improved efficiency and bottom line results with our valued Clients.”

Learn how the Department of Interior – Indian Affairs uses 4tell software.

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