4tell Release Notes, March 2018

We have a number of new features, extended capabilities, user experience (UX) improvements, and bug fixes included in our March update.

Platform Updates: Added & Improved Features

4tell has updated the menu structure on the Platform to match the licensed modules, and customer workflows more closely.  You should be able to continue to work on the platform with minimal transition training, most of the submenu items are in the same place, and with the same or very similar names. Platform, Assess, Plan, Connect.  It’s all there!  We have also added a long list of features, improvements to Version4 detailed below.


  • Quick access for QA and report generation directly from the Assessment Projects list – Just select a project and use the Actions button!
  • User admin and setup improved
  • Cost library configuration
  • New Menu Structure
  • Project ID auto generates
  • FCA report now in 3 sections – Main, Assets Observed Listing, Appendixes. Speed and usability improved!
  • Generate actions – Select all or single select actions
  • Grids page sizes now go larger, up to 250 rows per page of the grid – great for your large monitors!
  • Asset details fields order improved!


  • Several user messages updated to be more meaningful and make support faster
  • Document tree fix
  • Actions “project” data fixes
  • Actions list by project fix
  • Many fixes and improvements to assessment QA screens
  • Copying Assessment Project – project number fix
  • Budget Account fix
  • Unit of measure when creating an asset fix
  • Building-Asset Portfolio viewer – several fixes to usability

Mobile Updates

Android, Windows, Apple Tablet Support for Mobile Data Gathering! 4tell customers on the Version4 Platform are now using Android, Windows, and Apple Tablets for Mobile Data Gathering.  The application runs the same across all platforms, allowing users and companies to use the best hardware for their needs, without retraining. The Version4 mobile app includes a number of features to make data gathering easier, faster and more reliable.


  • Improvements to the asset list to ensure you are done with your data gathering before you leave the site
  • Tabbed navigation increases screen real estate and erases the need to resize quadrants to see more on your screen!
  • Single work stream for download, edit, upload of data
  • Asset-based, location-based, and product-based walk-through the assessment
  • Support for native camera on Android, Windows, & Apple tablets
  • Search by barcode to find inventoried assets fast!


  • Several fixes on column and field widths
4tell Platform v4
4tell platform v4

Coming soon – What’s next from 4tell?

PCA and light data gathering frameworks

This spring 4tell will move its PCA module into production.  Clients that need a lighter, faster, higher-level assessment will be able to perform those on a platform they are already familiar with.  The data will be integrated with other applicable data in the system – so a client can leverage FCA, PCA and Assessibility intelligence all in one place! As part of this, we are just wrapping up a framework that allows us, to rapidly add new data gathering mobile modules in hours (in the future this framework will become self-service too!).


Have you ever wanted to see a building, asset, component, and what has happened to it over time?  What actions were performed, added, planned, unplanned?  What data was changed and by whom?  We are wrapping up design and starting construction on Historian.  You have a full audit trail for all of your platform data!