Customer Q&A: What’s so exciting about “V4”?

More customers are on 4tell’s new V4 Platform every day – gaining performance, feature, and usability improvements – including incredibly powerful analytics dashboards and a much-improved mobile data gathering application!

V4 user: “You mean I can edit that right there on that screen?” – Yes.

Q. What are the most exciting aspects of V4?

A. 3 major themes!


Our platform holds a lot of data.  Being able to see outliers, data entry errors or parts of your ecosystem that stand out regarding costs per square feet – is critical.  You can quickly navigate through visually presented data across all or part of your portfolio – and drill into specific details on-demand.

Stakeholders, executives, and board members, are all asking for analytics; Now it’s even easier to make sure your decisions are defensible and data-driven.

Ease of use

V4 is a full redesign of our “User Experience.”  We worked with a third-party consulting firm for over a year to study how, why, and what our users are trying to do on our platform.

The interface is designed under the presumption that if you don’t use it daily – a new user should be able to find things readily.   When they are looking at data, business functions related to it should be right there.


From screen refreshes to reporting, V4 is much, much faster than V3.  We test every month to make sure we know where the application needs to be faster.  We have built in telemetry to tell us where things are taking more than a few seconds.  The FCA report in V3 could take anywhere from 5-20 minutes depending on volume of data – on V4 it runs in under 3 minutes in most cases.  We’ve also partitioned sections of the template so that you can render critical parts of the report faster, in the event that you only need to look at a particular section.

Being able to review your reports quickly, update assumptions and plans, and re-render the report in seconds, is more important than ever.

4tell platform v4

Q. What about my calculated fields, formulas and filters?

A. If you use calculated fields in V3 – they will work in v4!

V4 has an improved calculation engine for user entered fields, including FCI! The analytics package has the ability for users to adjust selection and calculation on nearly every field as well.

Q. Are there any costs to move to V4?

A. In most cases no.  If your license counts are up to date, and if you don’t have custom additions to the platform, customers have no cost to move to V4. If you want to take advantage of any of the new modules, or increase the scope of your licenses – then your account manager can certainly help with that!

Q. Is there a date that V3 goes away?

A. Yes.  4tell has not determined nor announced a sunset date for V3 – but we plan to take that system offline, after migrating all data to V4.

Q. When is this happening?

A. Soon! Over 20% of the 4tell customer based has already moved! In the coming weeks you will receive notification from your Account Manager and further direction from our Client Services team on your scheduled date, what to expect, and the required steps to take advantage of all the new and exciting functionality.