4tell for Government

The U.S. needs to spend $4.5 trillion by 2025 to improve our country and prevent collapse. How much infrastructure does your government own? If you’re like the majority of state and local sectors, your investments have weakened while needs continue to grow.

You need a way to maintain safe, sustainable and competitive communities that better serve citizens and attract long-term investments.

2.5 million U.S. jobs will be lost in 2025 if we don’t close the infrastructure investment gap.

In the meantime, your deferred maintenance backlog is at an all-time high, and your Capital Plan is overdue. Any remedy comes down to budget, and without consistent funding, you face facilities’ deficiencies that fail your productivity, your safety and your overall reputation.

Transparency is an established tenet of democracy — every government decision needs to be backed by accurate and defendable data. Are you confident enough in yours to support a strategic capital plan? What if there was a system that could:

  • Support safer infrastructure
  • Develop greener cities
  • Increase rate of growth
  • Create jobs and attract people
  • Inspire consistent investments
  • Build a better future for your citizens

When you can track facility conditions within your budget and schedule, you will be able to slowly chip away at your workload instead of watching it pile up year after year.

With 4tell, you can:

  • Speed up the budget funding planning process
  • Produce successful funding bids
  • Provide actionable information on how to invest taxpayer money
  • Provide proof of need at city planning meetings, public meetings, bond requests
  • Combine contrasting departmental processes
  • Shift use of assets to revitalize economy
  • Keep track of costs for your city’s buildings and systems

Success Story: State of Oregon

The State of Oregon’s portfolio consists of over 5,000 buildings and more than 15 million square feet of space. Multiple sources of data and siloed business processes created challenges with capital investment planning. Learn how 4tell has helped.