Count on the, safety, connectivity and reliability of your data

Effective asset management depends upon a single version of the truth – not disparate sets of static data spread across multiple systems. At the same time, you need to protect the integrity and security of your data in the cloud.

At 4tell, we deliver both – enabling easy connectivity while protecting your data and minimizing risk.

Data from all sources

The 4tell platform is designed with connectivity to external and enterprise technologies, simplifying data exchange with other systems, apps and databases. We offer:

  • Pre-packaged integrations for industry-standard point solutions
  • Two-way inbound and outbound integrations for real-time data exchange
  • Web service APIs that map inbound and outbound data
  • Customizable SSIS and web interfaces for specific needs
  • Integration with business intelligence tools and advanced analytics

These capabilities ensure smooth data flow between tactical, operational, planning and strategic processes and applications while supporting the creation of a single central repository accessible to all stakeholders. You have standardized data for business continuity across all workflows and processes.

Protecting data at every step

The 4tell platform ensures data integrity and security throughout all interactions with the cloud. These measures include:

Platform security. As a cloud solutions provider for more than a decade, 4tell engineers its systems with maximum security. In addition to Microsoft Azure cloud platform security, web connections are HTTPS secure to your client. We have Azure firewall and security modules in place, continuously monitor for suspicious use and penetration, and perform regular penetration and data governance testing and reviews. In addition, we are pursuing FedRAMP “Ready” status.

Information security. 4tell data is stored in Microsoft SQL server database partitions and we enforce login credentials at both the Application and Database levels. It is not possible for an application error to show another client your data.

Mobile security. Our Mobile solutions use secure HTTPS connections data streams to our cloud platform. While end users maintain device security, all our applications require a secure login to reach the server.

Authentication. Our standard offering includes a user authentication module that requires the user to enter a unique login name and password, based on NIST password recommendations for complexity, to access the system.  We also use MSFT Active Directory security, and authentication is carried all the way to the database and enforced at the data access level.

Data-level security. The 4tell platform enables you to secure building, asset and plan data for individual facilities or functional areas to control user access. You configure a user’s account to allow access to as much or as little data as you deem necessary. This works in conjunction with role-based security to determine which functions can be performed based on the authorized access level.

Backups and failover. Although the Azure cloud fabric’s redundant deployment architecture reduces the need for backups, 4tell performs regular, full database and virtual machine backups. We store transactional logs hourly with daily backups for six days, weekly backups for eight weeks, monthly backups for 24 months, and yearly backups are stored indefinitely. As a result, we can restart the entire platform in two hours or less at another site if needed.

Special needs. If you have specific security needs or concerns, we can work with you to implement measures that fulfill your requirements.