Build a better capital plan with data you can trust

Prioritize and fund the right projects at the right time on a single, cloud-based platform

Your buildings and their components are not getting any younger. Are you constantly looking for money in the budget to deal with the backlog? Developing a capital plan and getting buy-in on decisions is hard if you don’t have the data to back up your spend.

Build a better capital plan with data you can trust using 4tell’s accessible, dynamic, and interactive Capital Planning and Asset Data Management tools.

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Can you afford a controversy?

Safe, reliable, and attractive facilities are essential to your success. But when shrinking investments lead to a hole of crumbling infrastructure, the negative PR could dig you in even deeper.

What if you could always count on smooth operations because you trust your data and your Capital Plan? You’d make every top 10 list. Prioritize your projects with data-driven planning tools to secure your reputation and sleep better at night.

Do you have a single source of truth?

Your biggest obstacle to better planning is probably not a lack of asset data, but how it’s organized.

4tell consolidates every spreadsheet onto a single, cloud-based platform, eliminating data silos. The entire organization works together in one place that holds every asset’s current, accurate condition. With asset data you can trust, everything else falls in line and you’ll be ready to take action.

If you’re ready to build a better capital plan based on asset data you can trust,

Has reactive planning become your number-one capital strategy?

Instead of replacing assets after they fail, get the tools to be proactive and extend the useful life of your capital assets. With 4tell’s online digital platform, assess and analyze your data portfolio to plan preventative maintenance and save money in the process.

4tell’s workflow tools let you track progress, close out projects, and refresh asset data with a click. Group each request and action item to align with funding and priorities using a built-in costing library and priority index model. Get a clear picture of what’s needed now and years down the line to choose the right projects at the right time that fit within your budget.

How are you defending your capital plan?

Get the buy-in you need for your facilities’ budget with current, complete and accurate asset data. Have confidence in your plan to secure a brighter future for your organization and the community you serve.

With 4tell’s scenario modeling tools, calculate outcomes and experiment with how specific or potential projects will affect your budget and improve your FCI scores. Once you decide on the optimal plan, you’re ready to develop actionable and well-informed capital projects.

If you’re ready to build a better capital plan based on asset data you can trust,

What’s the secret to maintaining quality facilities?

4tell empowers you to plan for a lifetime of safe operation across every facility, whether it’s brand new or far beyond its ribbon-cutting date.

The full range of 4tell’s features make it easy to inform your capital budget and plan for one year, five years and ten years out. You will have everything you need to evaluate potential scenarios across your planning horizon. 

4tell Solutions Helps You: 

From data collection to budget development, 4tell’s Capital Planning and Asset Data Management tools show you what your facilities are capable of. Finally, get your assets and budget speaking the same universal language—data.