Asset Data + Capital Improvement Planning = The 4tell CIP System


Record or Model Assessment Data

Forecast or estimate upcoming asset replacement costs based on minimal data.

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Building condition modeling
Predict asset conditions based on the type of building or system to estimate age of Remaining Useful Life and find the cost to replace it.

Centralized asset data portfolio
View all of your asset data in one place.

FCA data import and integration APIs
Ensure seamless functioning between all your systems.

Internal cost library
Itemized asset costs based on recent market data.

Asset deficiencies index
Highlight weak or aging systems in need of repair or replacement. Identify by specific concern. Example: Aging roofs

CapEx forecast
Identifies the useful life of each asset and the current cost to replace it based on location and other factors.

BI portfolio views
Pull up a visual of your portfolio and see every deficiency.

4tell University training resources
Access our comprehensive online training tools and videos to get up to speed on using the system quickly.

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Forecast, Budget & Prioritize Your Plan

Use current asset conditions to create a customized capital plan.

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Essential features +
Everything listed in step one, plus what is listed below.

Multi-year forecasting
Evaluate long-term objectives and support CIP projects as they evolve.

Capital improvement plan
Coordinate the location, timing and funding of major capital expenditures over a period of several years.

Criticality scoring
Calculate an asset’s risk in relation to operations in order to effectively prioritize projects and funding.

Priority ranking
Rank your financial, social and environmental priorities and our system will identify the projects in greatest need of attention.

Configurable cost library
Set your own custom asset replacement pricing for more accurate costs.

Project management
Create projects in the system based on needs determined by your capital plan.

BI scenario modeling
With your capital forecast and priorities in place, plug in variables to predict outcomes based on your project decisions.

Interactive analytics
Unlock important insights and create powerful visualizations in minutes from one easy dashboard.