Smaller AEC Firms Leading the Industry in Change

“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.”—Ben Franklin

Elon Musk. Steve Jobs. Sheryl Sandberg. The greatest change-makers of our century are defined by their ability to grab hold of the unknown and shake forward a new standard of practice.

In the AEC industry, the smaller firms throughout the country are defining change. Young, nimble and adaptive, these firms are redefining business-as-usual practices in a manner that embraces constant change and new technology as their allies towards innovation. Some of the defining attributes of this new set of AEC firms include:

They’re Early Adopters of New Technology

Untethered by dated legacy software, these young firms embrace new building technologies and cloud-based software as partners in their ability to provide innovation and savings to their clients.

They Seek Mobile Solutions

These firms understand the mobile requirements of today’s job sites, and seek mobile technology tools that allow them to easily capture in-field data, digital photos, barcoding and more.

They Empower a Millennial Workforce

Staffed with a young tech savvy workforce, small to mid-size AEC firms see this dynamic employee group as their powerful agents towards change. Defined by their high-tech literacy, ability to apply new technologies and hunger for new trends, these young professionals provide invaluable insight towards changes occurring in the industry. Small to mid-size firms are capitalizing on the skills of these young workers to drive innovation and delivery solutions across their projects.

They’re Nimble and Responsive

With limited resources, these AEC firms seek to uncover solutions for enhanced productivity. In their quest, they identify and embrace emerging and innovative technology solutions, such as 4tell, that achieve efficiencies in design and resourcing while yielding improved project margins.

They’re Driven to Differentiate

In today’s competitive market, smaller AEC firms are constantly challenged to define a unique offering to help differentiate them from the crowd. Many of these firms are now acquiring data management and project delivery tools to demonstrate their service alignment with the portfolio needs of their clients. Showing their ability to follow client defined business rules while providing standardized, reliable data, and flexible lifecycle costing models, these tools are enabling firms to define themselves apart from the competition.

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Photo: Mr Twister/Shutterstock