4tell Paves a New Digital Path Forward at the SCUP Conference

4tell Solutions made a big splash at SCUP. The Society for College and University Planning convened their annual conference in Nashville, Tennessee in mid-July.  SCUP is “a community of higher education leaders responsible for the integration of planning on their campuses and for the professionals who support them.” However, comingled among these educational leaders, SCUP also welcomes vendors that service higher education including Architectural and Engineering firms such as our partners at AEI who joined us in our booth, and technology shops such as ourselves.

If you were able to attend this year’s conference, you might have noticed our oversized TV and friendly staff eager to discuss the benefits of new technology for conducting facility condition assessments and capital planning software. 4tell’s app and platform are designed to assist college and universities plan for their campus’s future. This technology peeked the curiosity of many attendees interested in harnessing our company’s ability to streamline and simplify a profession which, to date, has typically been conducted with pen and paper and stored in multiple spreadsheets.

A New Digital Path Forward

Networking with our fellow SCUP attendees provided us with valuable insight into the challenges that face both the financial decision makers at schools as well as their maintenance directors charged with executing diverse campus plans while maintaining large communities with multiple buildings and assets. It is clear that most institutions currently use a patchwork of legacy CMMS software that helps manage a myriad of institutional data and work order requests. After leaving booth 517, our team had successfully highlighted a new digital path forward with the 4tell Platform – streamlining the data collection and writing portion of an FCA on our app to providing rich analytics for charting a school’s financial direction moving forward.

Any conference held in Nashville is not limited to the confines of the convention hall. The 4tell sales team was also able to enjoy all that the host city had to offer; excellent BBQ, delicious fried chicken and amazing music that wafted out of the doors of every establishment they walked past on Broadway. Nashville truly lived up to her reputation as a jewel of the south.

Next Year, in Seattle?

So, are you still debating whether to attend next year’s SCUP Conference in Seattle Washington? If you are, take our word for it and sign up now. We can’t wait to meet you there. Who knows what the Emerald City might offer but one thing is for sure, SCUP will provide an illuminating event with exciting speakers, knowledgeable vendors and the chance to meet some very interesting people! See you there!