Why Deferred Maintenance is a Drag on Self-Esteem, and Your Budget

According to independent research presented at this year’s annual conference for the Society of College and University Planning (SCUP), the most urgent concern of College and University Leadership is that the data being collected by their institution is not being used for strategic purposes.

More critically, there is a perceived political and economic risk that decisions are made based on inaccurate data or worse yet, the decision was made unaware that contradicting data exists.

We are approaching the inflection point where aging facilities are met with limited funding. Many smaller colleges are also facing stagnant enrollments, falling capital investments and increasing operating costs.

“What happened is that we started measuring metrics with spreadsheets decades ago and the reports are stagnant… What we need are dynamic dashboards which drill into what we measure how to impact those numbers to trend towards the strategic outcomes we need to achieve,” said one College President.

Why this matters to the rest of the Institution is that analytically speaking there is a high correlation between the condition of a campus and morale. One Facilities Administrator said, “deferred maintenance is a drag on self-esteem on other departments.” Yet many institutions still have a “silo” structure and don’t share information.

The most memorable quote of the week for 4tell is when the CEO of a major Building Science Engineering company said “hard copy Condition Assessment reports are obsolete. Our clients want to retain ownership of their data to inform decisions about sustainability and capital asset renewal programs.

In the near future, IoT and Smart Metering will make Analytics even more valuable for day to day management of campus facilities. Buildings will be telling us how to optimize their performance. First, we need technology infrastructure to keep data current, share information collaboratively and decisioning analytics to trigger actions which will save time and money.

Source: CREDO, SCUP 2018 Conference

Presidents, Provosts, CFOs, and VPSAs: Their Strategic Planning Priorities

Presented by: Jennifer DeCoste, Vice President for Strategy, CREDO | Matt Trainum, Senior Consultant for Strategy, CREDO

Convened by: Adam T.M. Wyatt, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs,