What to Include on Your Building Inspection Checklist

Man inspecting building

Building inspections aren’t just for keeping a finger on the pulse of your portfolio. You can use them to plan for the long-term needs and benefits associated with each property. They will inform your repair, acquisition or sale decisions moving forward. Your building inspection checklist is a critical part of those processes.

To keep up with the long-term needs of your portfolio, it’s critical to have a detailed, well-planned building inspection checklist. This will help guide your assessors to gather actionable data. These are a few things that should be on every building inspection checklist. They will help build a better strategy for your properties.

Examine the condition of your building with a building inspection checklist. This will give you a good idea of its current state. It will also help identify aspects of the property that will need maintenance in coming years.

Life Cycle Expectations

Each of your building assets has a life cycle that you should be tracking. How long has it been in use? How often has it been serviced? What is its expected lifespan? A thorough building inspection will help you predict this, particularly if you keep your data in a centralized location that’s easy to update, track and analyze.

Track these points on your building inspection checklist. They will help you prepare for potential repurposing or retrofitting.

You may want to consider the life cycle of the entire building as well. A well maintained building can last for many years. However, a building that is very far behind on maintenance may be reaching the end of its useful life. You will need to do major upgrades or remove it from your portfolio.

Compliance Features

As your property gets older and regulations change, you may find it falling under code. Requirements for safety features and other regulations shift over time. Your property will need to adapt to those changes.

System Deficiencies

Deficient components can tell the story of your facility. They will tell you about its use and maintenance over its life. Did your building inspection reveal that the HVAC system was rarely serviced, or that the roof is heavily patched? If so, you can expect to make costly repairs or replacements in these areas. On the other hand, you may find newly installed components that significantly cut down on your long-term costs.

Keeping track of these details manually can be a challenge. Build a better checklist with effective assessment software. Look for features like:

Make the Most of Your Building Inspection Checklist

  • advanced QA/QC processes
  • standardized formats
  • building inspection checklist templates

A building inspection is not just a way to understand your property’s current condition. It can help you plan for the future of your portfolio and keep your properties at their maximum potential for years to come.

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