4 Highlights from Greenbuild 2016

The annual Greenbuild International Conference and Expo took place on October 5–7. It featured over 600 diverse companies and welcomed an estimated 20,000 attendees to participate in continuing education, learn breaking industry news and see a broad selection of new products.

This conference represents the best and brightest advancements in sustainability, offering industry experts the opportunity to gain deeper knowledge and expand their skillsets. Here are our top four takeaways from Greenbuild 2016 for CRE and AEC professionals.

Eco-Labels and Product Sustainability

Getting the facts on sustainability has always been a difficult undertaking, even for those of us in the industry. Interface, a carpet company, has partnered with GreenCircle to create Certified Environmental Facts, a label that breaks down the product’s sustainability in a similar way as nutritional labels. These eco-labels show recycled content, carbon footprint reduction, recyclability and so much more. They’re not only a big upgrade for consumers, but for property assessors as well.

Adaptable Green Walls

Greenbuild 2016 was a great opportunity to get a look at exciting products for developers. GSky Plant Systems highlighted the “Versa Wall”. This allows developers to maximize their green space by installing hydroponically grown potted plants along exterior walls. The pots are removable and completely configurable to adapt the greenery to your space. This can also help cool the building for bonus points in sustainability.

Window Shades and Energy Costs

There were several options for shade upgrades at this year’s conference. From graphic shades from Draper that use recyclable materials and offer glare control to the ultra environmentally friendly EcoVeil Sheer from MechoSystems, these selections are a must-have for industry professionals looking to cut down on their energy costs. The shades presented at Greenbuild are ideal for temperature control without using harmful or non-recyclable materials.

Greenbuild 2016: Sustainability Report

One of the biggest features of Greenbuild 2016 is the sustainability report. This detailed breakdown includes sustainability efforts from the past year and a look back at the conference itself. Some of their 2015 goals and objectives included:

Increase Stakeholder Education and Engagement:

Greenbuild is about total immersion in sustainable practices. To this effect, attendees were surrounded by new and advanced technology that they could use in their everyday work. From structural upgrades to improved tools and software, this eco-friendly community served as a source of inspiration for industry professionals.

Improve Performance Tracking:

Performance tracking is a problem for those seeking to improve their sustainability. With many relying on outdated data collection methods, this can seem nearly impossible. However, upgrading to a more intuitive software platform like 4tell’s™ iPlan™ can help you track your performance and goals.

Positively Impact Communities:

Sustainability isn’t simply about your bottom line. A more environmentally friendly business strategy positively impacts your community and your business.

Next year’s Greenbuild International Conference and Expo takes place in Boston from November 8–10, 2017.

Photo: Stieber / Shutterstock.com