Gain real-time insights to guide your future

What are the long-range implications of repairing an asset versus replacing it? How might shifting local costs for work affect your priorities? What impact will an investment in a high-efficiency HVAC system have on your annual expenses and sustainability goals?

You can answer these and other vital questions with the 4tell platform’s Capital Strategy module – not based on guesswork, but on accurate, real-time data. At your fingertips, 4tell gives you the reliable insights you need to make smarter, data-driven investment decisions about all capital assets across your portfolio, from buildings to infrastructure to vehicle fleets.

And because you need to juggle multiple goals as you craft your strategic plan – financial, energy, environmental, social and sustainability – 4tell’s powerful data capture and forecasting tools enable you to take all these factors into account. You gain the power to weigh the alternatives, make informed decisions, manage performance and keep your goals on track.

Capital Strategy Module features and benefits:
  • Capital Planning and Analysis enable you to allocate funds effectively
  • Adjustable Planning Horizon lets you compare different timelines
  • Prioritization Models with Adjustable Factors give you the tools to experiment with scenarios
  • Configurable Project and Plan Types provide multiple categories to slice and report your costs and plan your projects
  • Industry Cost Library with City Cost Index provides an accurate basis for cost estimates
  • Project Planning and Budgeting align your facilities needs with financial and enterprise mission goals
  • Project Tracking and Closeout keep your asset costs current and provide an always up-to-date view of future costs for your assets
  • Document Repository supports efficient management and administration
  • Capital Investment Strategy Reporting lets you share results and gauge progress