Knowing the exact number and condition of your assets is a key first step in determining budgets and planning. 4tell’s Assessment Module makes it easy for you to load your existing asset data, determine what data is missing, and capture it with the mobile app. In short order, you can begin conducting assessments to inform analysis and compliance reporting. 4tell provides a standard workflow for performing assessments that includes: data collection, in-the-field quality assurance, accepting data from the field, identification of data anomalies across the portfolio, data preparation and analysis, and data presentation or reporting.

Property Condition Assessment Module

Collect accurate building condition data with ease.

In our digital age, no one should be hand collecting and assembling condition reports. 4tell’s Property Condition Assessment (PCA) module makes it easy to collect, consolidate and organize building condition data—even for first-time users.

Capture data, including photos, on any iOS, Android or Windows device in the field, then upload that data to the 4tell platform for consolidation, quality assurance review and analysis, and summarization for delivery. You can even include GPS coordinates for mapping the specific location of site deficiencies.

Save time and reduce service execution costs by up 50% while improving the accuracy and usability of your data with the PCA module from 4tell.


Facility Condition Assessment Module

Get more accurate, comprehensive data about your facility assets

A facility condition assessment (FCA) is only as good as the data it’s based on. You need the ability to examine conditions in detail – with all asset features captured consistently, prioritized by condition, and accompanied by photographic proof where needed.

Our FCA module delivers all that – and more. By standardizing the data collection process, it delivers a consistent approach to understanding facility conditions, across all buildings and locations – from lifecycle to cost to classification. No more handwritten notes or static, error-prone spreadsheets.

And with its automatic data quality analysis and easy data analytic generation, you’ll get an interactive dashboard that serves the needs of both asset managers and executives.

Case Study

The Toronto Public LIbrary uses 4tell to help ensure access for everyone

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"4tell possesses excellent technical knowledge and expertise in all areas of asset management and assessment."

Americans with Disabilities Act Assessment

Get a detailed prescription for compliance assurance

If your facilities were built before 2000, chances are you have Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance issues that must be prioritized and addressed. Noncompliance can be costly – in both fines and damage to your reputation – so don’t take chances.

Our Accessibility Assessment module is the only accessibility compliance solution on the market that not only identifies issues, but also provides detailed recommendations and pricing to address deficiencies.

You get reliable and specific guidance to help you build compliance plans, budget for funding, and track your progress.