Go from “what if” to “what’s next”

You have questions about your asset portfolio? The 4tell platform’s Advanced Analytics module has answers. Our cloud-based analytics workspace begins with an at-a-glance executive dashboard that reveals the real-time status of your assets – all in one place. You never wonder where things stand.

When you want to take a deeper dive, 4tell provides a set of purpose-built queries to deliver fast results – and generate quick data visualizations. You can learn:

  • All the assets included in your portfolio
  • The five most expensive issues that need to be addressed
  • The cost differential between lifecycle replacement and major repairs, and more.

4tell also gives you the freedom to explore ideas and develop insights on your own. You can run different scenarios to deepen your understanding, compare alternatives and guide your next strategic moves. It all adds up to better-informed, better-considered decisions.

Advanced Analytics features and benefits:
  • Prebuilt queries and support for multidimensional datasets enable quick development of end user-ready interactive dashboards
  • The ability to save and share views lets you bring others into the discussion
  • One-click PowerPoint generation delivers entire analytic decks in moments
  • Access to 4tell for advanced training, data visualization consulting, and data sharing strategies and techniques