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Our two packages for Asset Owners make buying the 4tell platform simple. Each package is designed to provide Asset Owners with the functionality you need based on where you are in your asset management journey. Our packages are competitively priced based on the total number of assets managed on the platform not the total number of seats/users. This means everyone in your organization can have access to the same asset management data for the same price.

4tell Basic

Ideal for Asset Owners who want to (i) Centralize their portfolio data in a single system, and/or (ii) Understand the condition of all the assets in their portfolio including the cost to maintain, repair or replace, and/or (iii) Build a data-driven Capital Asset Strategy and Capital Plan based on organizational priorities

Package Features
Asset Lifecycle Management
Capital Forecasting
Self Service Support
4tell Professional

Ideal for Asset Owners who want to (i) Create a data-driven annual Capital Budget, and/or (ii) Update all assets real-time as maintenance, repair and replacement projects are completed, and/or (iii) Update the Capital Plan as organizational priorities evolve

Package Features

Everything from 4tell Basic plus…

Advanced Asset Lifecycle Management
Mobile Assessment Management
Capital Strategy
Advanced Analytics
Enhanced Support

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