4tell for Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Disruption in the AEC industry is accelerating, and automating the future is the most talked about path to navigating it. If the model is becoming less about the brick and mortar and more about the data, how do you build a core you and your clients can trust when it comes to time and budget?

Learn more about 4tell’s Assessment Management solution and how to automate the industry from within.

Assessment Management Tool

Owners want real, reliable data that guarantees safe and affordable construction. You want smarter assessments and digital reporting that reduce cost and error. What if there was a simple assessment management solution that could help you:

  • Fully understand facility conditions
  • Give clients peace of mind
  • Maximize time with automation
  • Guarantee quality, professional output
  • Increase assessor efficiency
  • Lower internal assessment costs
  • Win more bids
  • Grow your business

When you can manage assessments with accuracy and ease, you can leverage the data you find. Set your firm apart with 4tell. Provide value-added services that enhance your client relationships and a solution your employees will love.

With 4tell, you can:

  • Streamline operations
  • Work together on a single platform
  • Use templates to guide assessments
  • Control data quality
  • Provide clients with attractive, easy-to-understand reports

Success Story: EMG Corporation

“The 4tell platform automates our business processes to improve quality and dramatically reduce delivery costs.”

Nestor Benavides, President, EMG Corporation