Enable pain-free reserve fund planning

If your clients manage condominiums in the United States or Canada, they may be required to produce a Reserve Fund Study on a regular basis. You can support this effort – and create opportunities to offer your clients additional services – with the 4tell platform’s Reserve Fund Planning module.

The 4tell platform automates a previously time-consuming manual task – gathering the data, standardizing the process, supporting fast report generation, and enabling users to explore funding scenarios. Your firm can work with your clients to keep that data up to date and fully leverage the tools.

Reserve Fund Planning features and benefits:
  • Onsite data collection and standardized reporting save clients time, effort, and cost
  • User-friendly and easy-to-understand financial reporting fully satisfy jurisdictional requirements
  • Easy export feature allows one-click conversion to Excel and PowerPoint formats
  • Excel export template generates formulas for “live recalculation” for studies and tracing how a value was calculated
  • Structure and processes support industry standards and best practices
  • Baseline Cash Flow Table outputs include the status quo plus three scenarios to meet best practices
  • System includes typical benchmarking analytics and “what if” scenarios