Take your clients from “what if” to “what’s next”

With the 4tell platform, you have an opportunity to deliver more value to your clients by providing them with actionable data about their assets. The 4tell platform’s Advanced Analytics module visualizes the data, graphically depicting actions for both asset managers and executive decision-makers. You can support your clients – and create opportunities to offer additional services – by helping them make the most of these powerful capabilities.

The at-a-glance executive dashboard reveals the real-time status of client assets – all in one place. They never wonder where things stand.  They never scroll through reams of spreadsheets and paper.

When they want to take a deeper dive, 4tell provides a set of purpose-built queries to deliver fast results – and generate quick data visualizations. Your clients learn:

  • All the assets included in their portfolios
  • The five most expensive issues that need to be addressed
  • The cost differential between lifecycle replacement and major repairs
  • Which assets have the highest cost per square foot and highest cost ratio to building value to maintain
  • Which assets should “run to end of life” and not be maintained
  • Which assets are performing their mission for the enterprise
  • And more

4tell also gives them the freedom to explore ideas and develop insights on their own. They can visualize different scenarios to deepen their understanding, compare alternatives, and inform their next strategic moves. It all adds up to better-informed, better-considered decisions – and stronger relationships for you.

Advanced Analytics features and benefits:
  • Prebuilt queries and a multidimensional hypercube dataset enable quick development of even complex reports
  • Prebuilt calculations and measures for many industry indices save time and effort
  • The ability to save and share views lets users bring others into the discussion
  • The ability to incorporate data from other sources – Excel, any ODBC or Dax enabled data source (Salesforce, etc.) – keeps solutions in sync
  • One-click PowerPoint report generation renders entire analytic presentations in moments
  • 4tell experts are available for advanced training, data visualization consulting, and data sharing strategies and techniques