Whether your business focuses on providing inspections and assessments or if they are just one part of your services offering, 4tell has the most comprehensive assessment solution on the market. Our cloud-based platform refines a previously time-consuming manual task—gathering data—and then leverages the process so you can offer clients even greater value.

Using 4tell, assessors now have everything they need in the field to enter accurate, thorough data in a clear, user-friendly mobile application. This innovative platform makes it easy to administer assessments, manage them on your own terms, and use them across all your firm’s practice areas.

But 4tell goes way beyond assessments. Its extended capabilities make it the only solution on the market that lets you and your clients work together on a single platform. It gives you the opportunity to provide new value-added services like capital planning tools, which in turn enhance your client relationships and grow your business

4tell for Your Firm: Efficient, Cost-Effective, Competitive

  • Use a Systematic Approach for Greater Productivity4tell’s platform provides templates for the most common assessments, with a step-by-step approach so you never miss a piece of the puzzle. Our pre-loaded fields offer a clear view of what’s required, which makes your team more productive because they will spend less time configuring reports and entering potentially irrelevant data. What’s more, you can use the system’s flexibility to create customized templates for any type of assessment you need. You have the freedom to create as many new templates as you need at no additional expense.4tell’s fast and robust reporting makes your assessment process systematic and consistent, saving your team time and effort with each assessment. AEC firms using 4tell have reported reduced data collection and delivery costs by more than 50%!
  • Provide Accurate, Professional Reports
    In 4tell, assessors can capture assessment data, including photos and documents, in the field. This information flows seamlessly into preconfigured report templates based on the type of assessment or inspection. You even have the ability to create customized templates to meet the unique needs of your client. Types of assessments could include:

    • Facility and property assessments (FCAs and PCAs)
    • ADA compliance
    • Safety assessments
    • Seismic considerations
    • FHA requirements
    • Any type of equipment or system assessment imaginable

Once the data is captured, the assessment is then delivered to your client in a detailed, comprehensive and user-friendly digital report, giving them a full understanding of their facilities’ conditions.

  • Be More Competitive
    4tell’s high-quality reports help you stand out among the competition because they offer a multitude of operational opportunities for asset managers and executives. With many high-profile companies requesting digital reports as part of their assessment RFPs, you will now be ahead of the curve and have a system already in place that lowers your assessment cost and helps win bids.
  • Manage Assessments With Ease
    Within large FCA projects, there are a lot of moving pieces. Your assessors may be scattered across locations and the work may be performed on incongruous timelines. Using 4tell you can track the work being done, assign tasks to your assessors, and know when work is complete. When you have all your management needs in one place, you can work smarter to get all the answers your client is looking for.

4tell for Your Clients: Fill a Gap, Add Value, Build Relationships

  • Provide Electronic Access to Their Assets
    Though the reports you provide clients will be detailed and thorough, the data shown provides a narrative that is clear to read and easy for anyone on your client’s team to understand. They no longer have to question or pore over endless reams of spreadsheets to find out what assets they have or what condition they are in. Your clients simply log in to see a comprehensive overview of their asset conditions. And because you have ensured their data is accurate and up to date, 4tell becomes the system of record for their asset data.
  • Establish Ongoing Relationships
    4tell delivers clients a consistent approach to understanding facility conditions across all buildings and locations. And because it provides the ability to track their assets over time, you have the opportunity to continue to provide assessment services to the same client. 4tell’s capabilities rely on current data, so you can extend your relationships with your clients and expand this revenue stream.
  • Add Value to Your Service Offering
    4tell’s detailed assessments become a means for you to help clients be proactive and better plan their future. Once you give them access to the 4tell platform, you can show them how to interact with their data to manage their repair and maintenance programs, which will form the basis of their capital plan. In essence, the data you deliver enables your client to develop insights to determine the next strategic moves for their organization, providing much more value. And they will have you to thank!

What do you think? Is 4tell right for you? Reach out to learn more about how your firm can use 4tell’s platform towards endless possibilities! Contact us today!