A customer-centric asset management solutions provider

4tell was founded in 2008 with a singular mission: to help organizations optimize the financial, energy, environmental and social performance of their real estate assets and infrastructure.

We understood that the most effective asset management solution would be one that fulfilled all the customer’s needs and preferences. That meant providing a single source of data so leadership teams and asset managers could work in sync. Giving customers open access to their own data and easy-to-use dashboards to analyze it. Supporting enterprise data integration. And allowing users to generate reports and presentations with as little as a click.

That approach has served our customers and 4tell well. Today, the 4tell platform is used to manage 100,000+ buildings and 1+ billion square feet of space comprising $150+ billion in asset value. Our customer list reads like a “who’s who” of high-profile governmental bodies, educational and cultural institutions, and world-class AEC firms.

Along the way, we’ve built a company that thrives on innovation, prides itself on customer service, and never loses sight of the fact that properly planning for the future is a team effort.