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Unlike other solutions, 4tell™’s approach revolutionizes the way real estate executives capture, consolidate and organize asset data, transforming it into a centralized knowledge base.

With our iPlan™ Real Estate Investment Software, your organization can harness 4tell™’s powerful analytics to turn multiple static and dynamic data streams into valuable insights for real estate investment analysis and property portfolio optimization.

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What Makes Us Better

iPlan™ Real Estate Portfolio Solution

Data Standardization

Forecasting & Prioritization



Stop Guessing, Start Planning

It’s easy for an unexpected boiler breakdown, leaky roof or poor energy efficiency to derail the financial performance of a real estate portfolio. Since prevention is far more cost effective than dealing with repairs and replacements in a crisis situation, proactive capital asset management makes good business sense.

The iPlan™ Real Estate Portfolio Solution captures and analyzes data from transactions, operations and utilization throughout the entire asset lifecycle — from acquisition to divestiture — in an enterprise-­wide knowledge base. This gives C­-suite executives the analytic tools and valuable insights needed to optimize the financial performance of their real property portfolios and improve bottom­-line results.

Use the iPlan™ Real Estate Portfolio Solution to:

  • Empower decision-­making and drive strategic planning
  • Align property portfolio investments with business goals and performance objectives
  • Prioritize and execute effective capital investment strategies
  • By capturing traditionally unstructured data in a standardized manner, the iPlan™ Real Estate Portfolio Solution provides actionable information that can reduce cost, mitigate risk and maximize asset values. When you have access to accurate and up-­to-­date data covering your entire property portfolio, there is huge potential for greater efficiency and smarter resource allocation.

For example, instead of hiring contractors to fix one roof at a time as problems arise, your organization could negotiate for better rates by hiring the same contractors for a preventive maintenance program based on the projected need for repairs in the coming years.

Equipped with a clearer understanding of where you are now and where you are headed, your organization will be better able to develop and implement a well-­informed capital strategy for its real estate portfolio.

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Capture, Consolidate,
and Organize

No more binders with missing pages and incomplete data. No more losing track of past improvements or future upgrade requirements. No more guessing about the future impact of investments made today.

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Drive Strategy and ROI

Create templated data formats across a portfolio to ensure consistency of information

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Integrate business goals and objectives into flexible prioritization models

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Support sophisticated portfolio performance management with key indicators and benchmarks

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Use a robust analytic engine to support detailed reporting, capital investment strategy and decision-making

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Comprehensive Data, Powerful Insights

With 4tell’s iPlan™ unique asset-centric methodology, you can build a dynamic central knowledge repository linked to each asset within a real property portfolio throughout its entire lifecycle.

This supports smart decision-making by putting the following at your fingertips:

  • Detailed records of all key historical information
  • A clear understanding of the current state of your real estate portfolio and capital investment properties
  • Powerful forecasting tools for modeling how decisions today will impact your portfolio in the future
  • Risk portfolio management for capital investment properties and commercial real estate analysis
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Providing Trusted Solutions

U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs
“4tell possesses excellent technical knowledge and expertise in all areas of asset management and assessment. Their ability for immediate resolution of unexpected situations and positive, productive reaction to changing conditions is worthy of recognition. The individual abilities of personnel assigned to our contract ensured that deliverables and timelines were met or exceeded and the quality of 4tell’s work was beyond expectations and requirements.”
- Dale Keel, Chief, U. S. Department of the Interior, Indian Affairs