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Powerful Condition Assessment Software for AEC Professionals

The iPlan™ platform is a powerful tool that drives efficiencies for leading architecture firms, engineering companies and construction companies, reducing the cost of property condition assessment services and report deliverables by up to 65%.

By enabling fast, accurate and consistent field data collection and automating workflows and reporting processes, our iPlan™ Assessment Solution can help you differentiate your firm’s offerings and create added value for your clients. 4tell™’s methodology and scalable building assessment solution increases margins, improves productivity and cultivates lasting client relationships.

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What Makes Us Better

iPlan™ Assessment Solution

Accurate Data Capture

Real-Time Quality Control

One-Click Reporting

Reduce Project Timelines

Raise the Bar for AEC Assessment Services

Mislabeled site photos, time-­consuming data entry and previous client names mistakenly left in repurposed report documents are common problems that can erode the profitability of a project and diminish the quality of client deliverables.

The iPlan™ Assessment Solution helps leading architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) professionals avoid these problems while providing high-­quality real estate assessment services that maximize both firm and client value. With our configurable property condition assessment software, you can create standardized data sets, increase your margins and produce professional deliverables with the click of a button, greatly reducing your execution costs and delivery time.

The iPlan™ Assessment Solution enables you to:

  • Manage multi­-discipline consulting, facility assessment and due­-diligence assignments
  • Automate and standardize manual data capture, analysis and reporting
  • Embed QA/QC processes that update during the assessment so that nothing is overlooked
  • Compile, control, standardize and protect internal intellectual property
  • Consolidate capabilities across multiple service lines and offer more value-­added AEC services
  • Reduce service execution costs by up to 65% while improving processes and quality
  • Increase margins, scale delivery capacity and improve operational efficiencies
  • Gain a competitive advantage and differentiate your firm’s building assessment offerings

Building condition assessment software is used to make decisions with important environmental, safety and financial implications, so it is crucial that the results are both accurate and timely. These considerations lie at the heart of the iPlan™ Assessment Solution.

For example, iPlan™ is configured to ASTM­-2018E — the most common industry standard for property condition assessments — so your clients can feel confident that they are receiving the high­-quality data they need to make strategic choices. And since our facility condition assessment software is configurable, other standards can be incorporated as required.

By greatly reducing the time from on-­site data collection to delivery of a final report, the iPlan™ Assessment Solution can enable your firm to take on more projects and make more efficient use of its resources. In addition to boosting your bottom line, this creates real value and results in repeat clients.

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Capture, Consolidate,
and Organize

No more binders with missing pages and incomplete data. No more struggling to reconcile inconsistent data from multiple sources. No more guesswork to remember which site photos are associated with which location.

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Easy to use, Impressive results

Create standardized templates for consistent and efficient data collection with fewer errors

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Use the latest mobile technology and tools for in-field data capture, digital photography and barcoding

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Utilize quality assurance (QA) tools and one-click report deliverables to improve scalability

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Plan smarter internal processes and resource deployment to boost margins

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Better Assessments, Faster Results

With 4tell’s iPlan™ unique asset-centric methodology, you can use mobile tools to collect data during facility condition assessments and rapidly build a dynamic central knowledge repository linked to each building asset throughout its entire lifecycle.

This supports more efficient and profitable delivery of facility assessment services by:

  • Standardizing assessment procedures and data formats within your firm
  • Automating workflows and reducing overall project timelines
  • Allowing your team to complete more property condition assessments in less time
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Providing Trusted Solutions

“Over the past few years, our relationship with 4tell has become an important part of our growth strategy. The industry is evolving with the realization that comprehensive & accessible data that can be analyzed and maintained is essential to effective facilities and capital planning. 4tell delivers a robust capital planning data base for our clients, but most importantly delivers rich and valuable industry & technical knowledge to develop great strategy and intelligent planning and execution. The team at 4tell has become part of our team. They are passionate about their product, about the industry and about seeing our partnership and our businesses grow and succeed. EMG has been on an exciting growth path in the Asset Management Division growing over 70% per year for the past several years, and we could not have done it without our partners at 4tell.”
- Nestor Benavides, President, EMG