4tell’s Asset-Centric Perspective:
Financial, Energy, Environmental and Social

Real Estate Executives

Real Estate Executives

Creating a central data repository for the asset shifts control of information – making new & existing data available for strategic planning & decisions

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AEC Professionals

AEC Professionals

Standardizing data capture & workflow enables automated deliverables – increasing margins & capacity, maximizing efficiencies & differentiating value

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iPlan™ Real Estate Portfolio Solutions

Your organization has a great real estate portfolio but does it rely all too heavily on information from multiple sources, silos, departments, vendors, spreadsheets, files or programs? Transform your approach and capture, consolidate and analyze your important data to build a clear picture of your portfolio and get powerful analytics and reporting to inform your strategy.

iPlan™ Assessment Solutions

Your firm provides real estate portfolio assessment services to your most valuable asset – your client. As you deliver these critical services, increase your value to your client – provide consistent, high-quality standardized data sets, increase your margins and productivity, and provide flexible world-class deliverables thru a process that greatly reduces your program/project execution and delivery time.

4tell™ is a dynamic SaaS business that delivers innovative technology that optimizes the financial, energy and environmental performance of real estate portfolios and infrastructure. Unlike other solutions, 4tell™’s Asset-Centric methodology uniquely recognizes that the Asset is the Constant. The network of Real Estate and Infrastructure Professionals responsible for Strategic Planning, Asset Management Capital Deployment and Portfolio Performance across the built environment benefit significantly from 4tell™’s iPlan™ platform technology, which drives value from existing business practices and derives a centralized knowledge base intuitively embedded with the Asset throughout its lifecycle.

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