A Smarter Approach for the Real Estate Sector:
Centralized Knowledge, Powered by Technology Built for You

Real Estate Executives

Real Estate Executives

Create a central data repository for your real property assets to transform data into powerful insights for strategic planning, decision-making and capital asset management.

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AEC Professionals

AEC Professionals

Standardize data capture and automate property assessment workflows to add value to client deliverables while boosting your margins, capacity and efficiency.

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iPlan™ Real Estate Portfolio Solution

When real estate asset management is driven by static reports and inconsistent data from multiple sources, organizations lose out on opportunities to maximize value and efficiency. With our iPlan™ Real Estate Portfolio Solution, your organization can capture, consolidate and analyze important data to build a clear picture of your property portfolio.

iPlan™ Assessment Solution

AEC professionals providing real estate portfolio assessment services need to balance the delivery of top-quality data to clients with optimal internal business efficiency. With our iPlan™ Assessment Solution, you can provide clients with high-quality, standardized data sets and valuable intelligence while increasing your productivity through efficient project execution and reduced delivery time.

4tell™ provides innovative technology that optimizes the financial, energy and environmental performance of real estate portfolios.

By creating a centralized knowledge base that stays with real property assets throughout their lifecycle, 4tell™’s iPlan™ technology empowers professionals across real estate and AEC firms to adopt a smarter, more efficient and cost-effective approach to strategic planning, asset management, capital deployment and portfolio performance.

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